Meet Danette MacArthur

Danette has been baking and delighting her friends and family with her delectable creations for nearly 40 years.

It all began with her daughter, Janine's 1st Birthday cake. That led her to take a professional cake decorating classes at the Eaton Cake & Candy Shop in Hooksett, NH.

Over the years, she attended additional classes around the country to develop and perfect her skills. Her love and passion for baking inspired her to pursue her dreams and open her bakery in downtown North Conway in 2015.

Danette's specialty is creating and designing simply beautiful and elegant cakes for weddings and memorable celebrations.


About the Bakery

Located at 64 Kearsarge Road just down the street from the historic center of the village, the bakery offers delectable sweets in a quaint and charming atmosphere. Bring your sweet tooth, grab your favorite treat, and relax on our porch or giant Adirondack chair!