Birthday Cake Coffee Grounds – 12oz Bag

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September 15, 2020
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Birthday Cake Coffee Grounds (12oz Bag) – Birthday Cake Flavored, 100% Arabica Beans, Costa Rica Light Roast Coffee Grounds. Roast Level – Light_roast, Flavor – Birthday Cake, Specialty – GMO-Free, Container type – Bag

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BIRTHDAY CAKE FLAVOR – Birthday Cake is our Costa Rican bean crossed with high quality, vanilla extracts (that are commonly found in most vanilla cakes). This coffee will let you celebrate EVERY morning like it’s your birthday. EXPERTLY ROASTED BEANS – Our beans are hand selected & expertly roasted to give you a clean energy boost and smooth refreshing taste. The Result? We turned great beans into a memorable cup of coffee. LIGHT ROAST GROUND COFFEE – Available in vented 12-ounce coffee bags our ground coffee is perfect for an easy on-the-go gourmet coffee experience. 100% ARABICA BEANS – Our coffee stands out because we took a high-grade bean, grown on the side of the mountains in Costa Rica, and added a little bit of flavor to the beans prior to roasting. WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS – I’m Danette! I want to welcome you to the coffee loving community! Around here we put good coffee & supporting others first!